Oracle Report – May 15, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Thursday, May 15, 2014,


Full Moon Phase: enlightenment

Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: You are a spiritual warrior who embraces the flow of change and recognizes that feelings of angst are really a “quickening.” Weave yourself through the energy.

Negative Imprint: dullness, ruses, domination

Positive Imprint: colorfulness, clarity, acclimation


Brilliant metallic threads are being woven into the tapestry that is the story of humanity today. Our personal paths in the tapestry have been veering in new directions, with some taking drastic turns. All of this, courtesy of Venus and Uranus today, makes for a magnificent piece of art.

This month’s mission is about hearing or heeding a call from deep within us to move into new emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or physical territory, which enables us to see our lives through different lenses of perception. By doing so we see things a different way. Events and circumstances in our lives are seen in a different light. New colors and variations appear.

Newness and changes bring angst for us, but newness and change is the way of nature and the way of the universe. Life is a process of regeneration. Signs that it is happening include anxiety, fear, nervousness, jitteriness, and the overall feeling like you are ready to jump out of your body. If you have a wild feeling of wanting to run, run, run away, you are experiencing the “quickening.” The quickening is what pushes us forward.

To facilitate the changes and deal with the quickening, it’s helpful to understand what is going on. The paths of our lives take new directions this month, but the electrical systems of our bodies are also undergoing renewal. Today is the apex of this. Venus isn’t just making a conjunction with Uranus – the way it does for a few days every year. Pluto and Jupiter are squaring it, bringing deep and wide transformation. It’s a big deal astrologically and therefore energetically.

The Mahavidyas are on call for this, standing by ready to bring relief. Call upon them if needed.

This energy can make us feel like we are losing it at times. We return to nature to restore our calm. Though we are pushing into new territory, our inner core is centered and grounded with the planet. The stance of the spiritual warrior maintains ground while it moves; it isn’t swept off balance. We operate deliberately.

If the quickening becomes too uncomfortable, move your body. Physical activity of any kind will help the energy flow. One minute of mild stretching works wonders. You can do this throughout the day. Dancing to a tune helps, too.

Additional themes today include taking action if presented with an opportunity; damaged egos; people achieving goals via deception; shared feelings of love and passion; the need to feel at home; the tendency to invade people’s space or territory; putting up with things when we should move on; the past vs. present; security vs. independence; underestimating ourselves; the recognition of things that drag us down; the comfort of old-fashioned things and simplicity; interactions with like-minded people; in-depth communications; prejudice; and spiders. (If you have an encounter with a spider, it’s a sign that the universe is heavily working its magic on you. Is there something you want or need to write?)

Reflective of the energy, this report is overload. Take it and the day gently and weave yourself through the energy. The colors of your threads add to the brilliant tapestry of humanity.

(Thanks to everyone who participated in the Oracle Report Time Survey. We had an overwhelming response. I am continually working to enhance the effectiveness of the daily reports, and the information from the survey is very valuable to my process. In case you are interested, 87% read daily, 71% read in the morning, and 66% re-read the report at some point later in the day. Personally, I have always found that I understand the message better when I read it again in the evening. The message gives us tips to navigate the day, but it seems I gain the wisdom of it at the end of the day. Thanks again!)


Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report!



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