Oracle Report – May 14, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Wednesday, May 14, 2014,


Full Moon Phase: realization

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: slow down; care for your body; maintain groundedness

Negative Imprint: overwhelm, chaos

Positive Imprint: penetrating insight


The Full Moon phase begins today – the “Flower Full Moon.” It is marked this year by special astrological energies.

Before the Moon becomes fully “full” today, it will block out Saturn, making it disappear from view. If only that could last. We will have a short respite in the level of intensity before things wind back up. As expected, yesterday’s energy was crazy enough, but today we have the added lunacy of the Full Moon. Full Moon phases bring on “the fever.”

Full Moon phases do other things as well. They bring fulfillment, realization, and enlightenment. Relationships are highlighted. Relationships involving love triangles are particularly highlighted. Venus, the planet of relationships, moves into tighter conjunction (the same place in the sky with) Uranus, the planet of changes, adding fuel to the fever pitch of the energy.

The Venus-Uranus conjunction is doing a lot of other things, too. Uranus feels like lightning in the body. It can cause insomnia, anxiety, and overwhelm. It speeds things up to the point of making our heads spin. It is quite taxing to the body.

To counter these effects, there are several things we can do:

1- Just like yesterday, sloooow down.

2- Maintain a strong, grounded, conscious connection with the planet. Focus on nature. If you cannot get outdoors when you are feeling stressed, gaze out of a window. Align your consciousness with Gaia Sophia, not the matrix.

3- Unplug. Uranus rules electricity, which is why it feels like lightning in the body. When your work is complete, power down the electronics, including email. Minimize the amount of digital data you are taking in, especially this evening. Our electrical brains will need a break by then. This will also help ameliorate the insomnia that accompanies Uranus. And if you absolutely cannot sleep, don’t fight it; get up. Physical activity like yoga or using a foam roller (like my favorite, the Rumble Roller) will help move this energy through your body so it isn’t trapped. If you are able to obtain one, a massage will work wonders over the next few days.

4- Release to the Mahavidyas, the Wisdom Goddesses. Bhuvaneshvari, the World Nurse, brings relief, but she is also associated with the spoken word. If you are experiencing pain, struggle, or the general overwhelm of the energy, merely saying her name aloud is like medicine or a magic spell and will bring an instant shift in the body. Her name is pronounced “BOO-van-esh-VAR-ee.” Tara is a rescuer. If you are sinking, spiraling, or straying, send her an SOS. “Tara, please help,” is all that is needed. You will know that they are at work because you will gain needed insight, information, or connection after the fact. It may not be immediate (although it often is), but they will deliver. They don’t do for us, they help us do for ourselves. They provide what’s needed to get us unstuck. As wise owl Alex on the Oracle Report Facebook community has noticed, the Mahavidyas are not interested in being worshipped. That’s boring for them. They work.

Other themes that weave through the energy include cooperating with others; the need for privacy or one’s personal space; peeling away the surface layers to get to what is important; changes in the structure or context of our lives; clues and messages; tension, allure, and passion; new ways to relate to others, letting go; guilt, especially guilt when expressing feelings; expressing skills and talents in the world; preparing; seeking validation from others; transcending the past or problems; smugness; and substance over appearance.

Take good care of your bodies today, everyone. The energies can get the best of us before we know it, so be wise to what is going on. Happy Full Moon!



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