Oracle Report – May 13, 2014

Symbol of An Alien Sky

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse), Tara (The Goddess of Compassion)

Skill:  slow down; move through the day from your inner center

Negative Imprint: aggression

Positive Imprint: compassion

Today’s photograph of two snails from wise owl Jur reminds us to slow down.  Slowing down will enable us to maneuver the day’s energies.  Things are fast and the historical imprint for the day relates to all forms of aggression, conflict, domination, and intimidation.  Unconsciously, people are operating more from an instinctual level of survival, protection of their “territory,” and even violation of other’s territory or space.

People reach their limits today.  Some will say, “No more.”  They are tired of being dutiful with no reward, recognition, or appreciation.  The energy urges us to stand up for ourselves.  But the potential for explosive interactions is high, so slowing down mitigates this potential.  You can take a stand without a dramatic display of emotion.  You can take a stand without blaming others or being a victim or feeling like the world is against you.  Emotions need to be expressed appropriately before things get out of control.  Be respectful of all involved even if you are being disrespected.  If you are angry about something, bring it to light and talk to someone about it (or talk to the Wisdom Goddesses Bhuvaneshvari or Tara).  Don’t turn the anger in on yourself – this causes depression.  Wise owls will release judgments about themselves and others, remembering that there is light in everyone.  We are all one, even though we are different.

Risks that are currently being undertaken or risks that were taken in the past show some sort of return today.

If you are asked to step up or take on a leadership role today, the universe is calling you up.  Remember that this month we receive a call – call of duty, call to action, etc.

Today is a fabulous day for a presentation, workshop, or class.  Messages and information are everywhere.

As Mars prepares to move back into forward motion on May 20, we continue to heavily examine where we are investing our energy and if we are doing so pointlessly.  The question to ask is Does this nourish me?  This is our guide.

Venus continues to move into conjunction (the same place in the sky) with Uranus.  It is also squaring Jupiter and Pluto.  The exact conjunction is Thursday, May 15 at 7:42 pm ET/ 11:42 pm UT.  Until then, the potential for swift and unexpected events or situations related to relationships, money, and values is high.  Conjunctions with Uranus also make us more accident prone if the conjunction is aspecting our own charts.  But this conjunction brings a blessing, too, so don’t forget that part.  Unexpected things can also be joyful.

I want to thank everyone who took the 6-Question Oracle Report Time Survey yesterday.  The results have been most interesting.  Wise owls are spread out all over the world!  Blessings to anyone who wishes to translate the daily reports into another language to share with others. Permission to mirror this site in other languages (with credit) is freely given.  The mission given to me by the Mahavidyas is to help wisdom return and to help others dwell in a happier place.  But this is the mission for all wise owls.

Here is the link to the Time Survey in case you missed it and want to participate:

Thanks, everyone!  And remember, slow and steady…



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